Brazilian Straightening with Pure Brazilian

Keratin straightening can be not a chemical process, but caring one using organic and not aggressive products. It is an intensive hair treatment owing to natural components like active keratin that is the main protein responsible for hair, nails and eyelashes strength. Our hair consists of keratin for 88 %. It is the main building components of hair. If your hair is lack of keratin then it becomes tough, messy, and in general looks like as if one has been dragged through a hedge backwards and feels like a hay by touch. The main reason to get lack of keratin is to use shampoos with SLS that washes out natural keratin from hair.

brazilian straigtening
Pure Brazilian is an American professional cosmetics brand for brazilian keratin straightening successfully used by stylists and ordinary woman worldwide. It is so popular because of its unique formula that owing to natural components not only straighten hair as well as treats deep from inside what is the main cause for long-lasting effect. Hair keeps its gloss, sleek, weigh and straightening for 3-6 month after 1 procedure. The main condition is to use sulfate free production afterwards, better keep using pure brazilian shampoo, conditioner, or spay for the first month to fasten off the effect.

Pure Brazilian contains a lot of useful  botanical organic components like brazilian active Keratin, Oil Evterpa Oliratseya Pulp and Extract of Evterpa Oliratseya Oil and Cocoa butter – Grandiflorum grain and Extract of the Root Keduchium Koronarium, Asai Extract, etc. It is sulfate-free and paraben-free that gives maximum benefit for your hair and head scalp.

keratin treatment
After hair treatment and straitening by Pure Brazilian hair pours as diamonds, to the touch it feels like silk – smooth, sleek and straight. It is an awesome reconstruction solution for hair. After the keratin treatment you will be able to set your hair as you wish, you can curl it or set into ponytail- whatever and it will look always cared and gorgeous.

pure brazilian keratin treatment and straightening