Lasting Hair Straightening and Reconstruction

keratin straightening

There are different types of hair: curly, frizzy, straight, smooth, wavy. For ages women with curls straighten hair and those with straight hair curl it. Today, we will talk about the effective ways to smooth and recover hair.
There are many methods to make hair smooth and straight but not all of them provide long-lasting effect without damaging hair.
More often women conk hair is with the help of hair iron or a hair dryer. If you do it everyday soon it will lead to split ends, dry and fragile hair. Moreover, this effect does not last for a long time. If there is a damp weather, your just straighten hair will turn into curls in several minutes. So, all you have is wasted time, damaged hair and a mess on your head. Even using styling aids will not help you.
Beauty bloggers and stylists offer a lot of various smoothing aids like sprays, conditioners, masques, but in most cases they are nice only for a slightly wavy hair. If you have steel and tough curls you would need more serious stuff to straighten your hair. In this way stylists use hair cosmetics on the basis of a sodium hydroxide, in “softer” option – ammonium thioglycolat that are applied to strongly curling ringlets. The procedure is very difficult, and it can be done only in beauty shop by the skilled master. In addition, it costs a price.]

Effective smoothing and reconstruction hair cosmetics should contain natural keratin.
Keratin is a protein from which our hair, nails and partially skin consist. If there is small amount of this element in your body you will have curly hair, if you have a lot of it you will have straight and sleek hair.
Keratin complex fills emptiness in structure of a hair and after heat treatment by the hair iron forms a strong film, doing hair straight, smooth and brilliant. The main advantage of this method is that it straightens hair for a long time – up to 5-6 months, without breaking hair structure. Even if you use dryer or iron you will not damage your hair. But you should note that if you want to protect this effect and your hair as a whole you should not use shampoos containing sulfate because it removes keratin from hair. It is better to use organic shampoos that do not contain sulfate, parabene, silicons.
To reach powerful effect use hair care product with natural organic components and oils like Amazon Series Cysteine Complex, Pure Brazilian Smoothing and Straightening Complex,

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Pure Brazilian Express Blowout Spray, Pure Brazilian Complex for deep reconstruction. All these products contain minimum harmful components and Amazon Series is fully organic product and the best variant for home care.